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A Story

I stopped in a local website design shop in Fort Lauderdale last year to find out how much it would cost to have a website built for me. I said I was selling tennis gear - rackets, balls, shoes, etc. - and that I would need an e-commerce setup. The quote: $999 for a 5-page basis website. From there, the costs skyrocketed, including $3,000 for SEO and $450 per month ongoing. There was also the $500 setup charge for e-commerce, on top of the software costs, monthly fees, etc. All told, it came out to over $10,000! I was shocked - but also motivated, because my price point for quality website construction is no where close to those astronomical numbers.

Twitter Bootstrap

I generally build websites by hand. That means, I type out <table class="main-table"> when I want to start a table with CSS class main-table. It means, I type .main-table{padding:0;margin:0;border:1px solid #CF49AE;} when I define the table design. And so on. The websites I've built look great, and they are always tested with Google Pagespeed and run through HTML validators and subjected to waterfall analysis to make sure they are optimized for bandwidth, display on different browsers, and speed. The problem was, every time there was a new version of CSS, a new HTML paradigm, or most importantly, when tablet and smartphone viewing began to take over, my "old" designs needed to be re-worked.

Enter Twitter Bootstrap, and I can say, I am a convert. If you hire me to build your website, I will definitely be starting with Twitter Bootstrap as the base code. And you will be very happy after year 1, year 2, etc. that your website is built on this platform. Here are some highlights:

  • Open source codebase - constantly updated by developers around the world
  • Designed to look great on desktop computers, tablet devices, and smartphones!
  • Includes a common scaffolding layout and components that are kept up to date, and will be kept current going forward
  • Rapid development is key - there is a large supply of Twitter Bootstrap "snippets" or code examples - development is fast
  • Use common icons and graphical elements to have a consistent look with other websites
  • Lots of "themes" and "templates" to choose from, as well as plugins and components
  • Makes use of industry standard and highly supported core javascript libraries

All told, when I build you a Twitter Bootstrap website, you know your site is built on a solid foundation that was specifically designed from the get-go to look good on all devices. Your website using Twitter Bootstrap will look clean, modern, and sharp, it will display fast, and you can rest assured that it will not go out of vogue in just a few years time. Sure, Twitter Bootstrap will grow and evolve, but the good thing is that future versions will always be backwards compatible with current code versions. Your site may need updates and tweaks, but it won't need a complete makeover in order to stay current.

Website Examples

Let's start with the website you are reading right now! This is a Twitter Bootstrap based website. It uses the two "magical" common Twitter Bootstrap CSS files, bootstrap.min.css and bootstrap-responsive.min.css. These are the two files that come directly from the Twitter Bootstrap repository and are never to be modified. I define additional CSS properties after these files are loaded in a page, but I certainly don't modify those two core files, and no quality website developer would. As of this writing, I am using Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2, and version 3.0 is due out soon. This website uses all the usual div tags: container, row-fluid, span12, etc. It's as Twitter Bootstrappy as it gets!

My biking website is also built on Twitter Bootstrap. It's an even more basic version (as of this writing) than this site. Yet, for handling product listings and for displaying search results, the Twitter Bootstrap row-fluid and span4 classes work wonderfully to make a modern, clean layout design for product display. is a Twitter Bootstrap website with 24,000 pages!

Contact Me

If you would like to ask me about getting your own Twitter Bootstrap designed website, please contact me using the email form here on my website. I can promise you, the price tag won't be $10,000 or even close to that! With Twitter Bootstrap, and leveraging much of the code I've written for other projects, you can have a great looking website built for a here-on-Earth price. I'd be glad to discuss your website plans and provide you with examples of what your website might look like if I build it for you.

Twitter Bootstrap

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