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I have a client here in Fort Lauderdale who runs a very successful massage studio. She has been in business for 15 years and had a first website provided to her for free by the national trade association she belongs to. The time came where she wanted a better looking website, one which reflected her personal flair.

Working on a tight budget, I built her an 8 page website which met her specs. I added all the localization elements to her site to make sure that it would appear on and rank well on Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, and more. The first version of the massage website looked good and freed her business from the cookie cutter "website" provided to her previously.

After 1 year, it was time for a redesign. I went ahead and translated her 8 page website over to a new design I found and got it optimized. About that time, I also began writing some customized backend functionality for her.

The first thing was an email entry system. This business owner had 900 email addresses all hand-written and requiring data entry. I designed and implemented a beautiful, big data entry screen using AJAX and providing all the data validation checks I could imagine. She hired someone to do the actual data entry, and it went flawlessly, with an input rate of about 110 per hour (accounting for breaks and fixing typos). When the email data entry was done, I vetted the list for any errors, sorted it uniquely, and did a quick count by domain name (,,, etc.) to finalize this little project. The email data from this project led into the next step.

My client wanted to send thank you emails to her clients the same day they had massages. I proposed she also have a reminder system built to send out notices to her massage clients 24 hours or 48 hours in advance of their appointments. So those two customized backend tools were built, tying into her email database. They are slick, javascript-enabled forms which really keep the keystrokes and clicking to a minimum to get the job done. As I put it to her, sending thank you emails should be a 1-click process, and it is!

The next step for her massage business is an online booking system, which I will be starting to work on in the Fall of 2013. Also, we will begin to stratify her email list into marketable segments in order to do targeted email campaigns, e.g., couples massage, athletic massage, stress relief from work, etc.

Massage Studio

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